Benefits of Dry Ice

Due to its extremely cold temperature of up to -79 degree Celsius and non-melting property, dry ice provides a wide variety of benefits, especially for industries the require low temperature, such as:

- Food Industry - dry ice is used for food preservation during the production and distribution processes, such as frozen fish and other animal meats, frozen ice-cream, milk, bakery and sausages, and frozen fruits and vegetables to retain the freshness or extend the product life. In addition, it is use to preserve airline food. Dry ice has the property of maintaining freshness and does not melt into eater like typical ice.

- Medial Industry - dry ice is used to preserve animal carcasses or dead bodies to slow down the decomposition of the bodies and hinder growth of micro organisms.

- Use in transportation of medical supplies, including drugs and certain chemical substances.

- Use in the industry for cleaning machinery, formwork and molds.

- Use in the clod grinding process of tough synthesized materials. The extremely cold temperature of dry ice will cool down the grinding materails, causing them to become harder and brittle enough for grinding.

- Use to create localized fog effect in concert, theaters or film making.

- Use to mix with beverages to create bubbles and fizziness. Likewise, carbon dioxide gas is also used in soft drinks and beverages industry.

- Use to create artificial precipitation by accumulating the clouds and attacking the with a super-cooled catalyst at temperature of -79 degrees Celsius, thereby decreasing the temperature if the air mass under the clouds base and increasing relative humidity. As a result, the cloud base is lowered and the level of precipitation is increased.